Hello, and thank you for being here.

Helping artists make their music sound the very best is my passion, and not just by pressing record. Having a good relationship with the person that is mixing, engineering and producing your music is so important. I am committed to working together and do what ever it takes to make your musical vision a reality.

I have been working in Audio Music Production and establishing trust with my clients for the last ten years in many different genres of music, providing professional Recording and Mixing services locally, and remotely for artists from around the country and the world. I also have performed with many different heavy bands and projects over the last 30 years as a songwriter, guitarist and bassist.

Tom Jimenez


Sacramento, California News & Review's '2020' Sammie Awards 'Producer Of The Year' Nominee. 


(FMR) Black Market Records Recording Artist. 'Habeas Corpus'. 


Official member of SoundBetter.com